About us


...I'm Christian.

I grew up in Cornwall, and love the sea, shipwrecks, and sharks.

I’m a fan of red wine, Grand Prix and I laugh at my own jokes. I’m also a qualified scuba diving instructor and medic.

I’m a very personable creature, love teaching, and have been delivering training courses since 2007 when First for Medical Training was formed.

Over the years I have met many successful and driven people who have inspired me to take on new challenges and I am thrilled that I now call many of them colleagues.

Together we have revisited, revamped, rebranded, and re-launched the First Medical Training we are today – a motley crew of medics, firefighters, senior care workers and first-aiders, passionate about sharing all that we have learned.

We are extremely proud to include on our client list the RAF, Denplan, Oasis, the Grand Départ and Leeds Roller Dolls, amongst many others.

We are now based in Bradford, home of the textile industry, in a wonderful old converted mill and have instructors nationwide and in Africa. It is our long-term goal to have tutors providing affordable instruction in every country.

We are approved by the First Aid Industry Body and Edexcel.

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First Medical Training Mission Statement

First Medical Training provides affordable medical instruction to all service sector groups and individuals.

We believe life-saving skills are vital and should be accessible by all.  In addition to mandatory corporate training, we actively encourage all members of the community to participate in basic first aid. We keenly support the installation of defibrillators in schools and public places, and champion campaign groups such as Millie’s Trust.

First Medical Training is an inclusive company where everyone’s opinions and ideas are actively sought. We consult, we plan, and only then do we deliver excellence as standard.

We are a collection of highly-motivated instructors, specialists in our chosen fields, always anticipating and keeping abreast of changing legislations.

An international company currently working across two continents, we hope you’ll love us as much as we do and help make us global.

The more we grow, the more we give back.