Choking and Prevention Course

Those who begin choking must be administered first aid within a timely fashion to avoid potentially serious consequences (including loss of consciousness and even death). This is why knowing what to do in such a situation is important for anyone who might need to assist someone who is choking. This professional course has been designed…
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Confidentiality Awareness Course

There are many instances when a medical professional will need to address issues involving privacy and confidentiality. Whether referring to the recent diagnosis of a disease or the legal stipulations regarding the release of personal records, it is very important to be aware of the most crucial rules and guidelines. This two-house course provided by…
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Basic Diabetes Training Course

Diabetes is a condition which afflicts millions of individuals from all walks of life. This is why medical practitioners and emergency care technicians need to possess the correct skills if they hope to address potentially serious situations. First Medical Training has formulated a course which is intended to provide a basic understanding of diabetes as…
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Hands-On Dental Training Course

One of the most challenging aspects associated with the field of dentistry is that professionals will be forced to deal with unexpected situations from time to time. Whether referring to an emergency root canal appointment, administering real-time aid while out and about or even dealing with a cardiac arrest, there is little room for error.…
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