Professional Food Hygiene Course

Recent studies compiled by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have shown that the United Kingdom suffers from more than one million cases of food poisoning on an annual basis. The majority of these instances are the direct results of individuals who fail to embrace the proper protocols which have been designed to ensure that contamination…
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Emergency First-Aid Course for Cyclists

Cycling is an extremely popular pastime. Whether referring to novices or professionals, the chances of sustaining an injury are very real. This is why First Medical Training is pleased to be able to offer this emergency first-aid course. In the event of an accident or a similarly unexpected situation, participants will be fully aware of…
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Epilepsy Awareness Course

It has been estimated that epilepsy affects one out of every 100 individuals. Studies have shown that an additional 87 are diagnosed each ad every day. While this chronic condition may be manageable on occasion, there are certainly times when a sudden attack can emerge. If the proper care is not administered, serious injuries (or…
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Why FMT in Summer 2019?

Knowing the proper steps to take at the right time is often a key concern within the medical community. When there is little room for error, knowledge and experience will help to ensure a positive outcome for all parties involved. Whether referring to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training, first-aid training, fire safety techniques, or the…
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