Comfort Safety Lancets

There are many times when a medical professional will need to quickly draw blood in a safe and precise manner. It is also very important that the patient in question experiences as little pain as possible. This pack of comfort safety lancets offered exclusively through First Medical Training are able to offer these benefits and…
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The Glucose Meter

This accurate and user-friendly glucose meter is able to provide virtually pain-free results in a matter of seconds. As it is entirely portable in nature, it can be an excellent choice for those who regularly need to monitor the levels of glucose within their bloodstream (such as diabetics). This portability is then enhanced thanks to…
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Home-Based CPR and Defibrillator Kit

There are countless instances when a sudden home-based emergency will require the use of professional medical equipment. In the event of a cardiac arrest or a similar heart-related situation, this home-based CPR "ready kit" provides the user with all of the most important tools and accessories when they are needed the most. These items can…
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