Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Adults

Protecting the needs and addressing the requirements of vulnerable adults (also referred to as an adult at risk of harm) is a very serious concern. Of course, the exact stipulations will vary between individuals. This is why medical professionals need to possess the proper level of flexible training in order to proactively cope with sudden…
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Addressing Emergency Scenarios Within Dental Clinics

While an average trip to a dentist normally represents a decidedly innocuous situation, we still need to keep in mind that unexpected situations can and will occur from time to time. It is the responsibility of all professionals present to be able to deal with such scenarios in order to safeguard the health of the…
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Sedation Awareness and Training Course

Dentists and any technicians working in the dental care industry need to be prepared for any scenario that may occur while a patient is being treated. One of the most serious involves the ability to address any potential complications while under sedation. In the event that a patient becomes ill, what steps need to be…
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Health and Safety, COSHH, Fire Safety, Albac Mat, Infection Control Course

Health and safety within the workplace is the responsibility of everyone. In terms of sheer accountability and the ability to address any emergency situations as they may occur, it is important to possess the proper level of knowledge at the appropriate times. This is why First Medical Training is now offering a course which encompasses…
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