CPR Face Mask with Case Included

This CPR face mask can be quickly utilised by first responders and anyone else who may be trained to deal with sudden medical emergencies. Heart attacks, allergic reactions and drug overdoses are three situations when this mask could signify the difference between life or death. One of the benefits associated with this unit is that…
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Guedel Airway

Otherwise referred to as an oropharyngeal airway, a Geudel airway is meant to provide life-saving access to the airway of a patient when circumstances dictate that tracheal intubation is not a possibility. This often occurs when an individual is unconscious and it is necessary to prevent the tongue from covering the epiglottis. This type of…
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Adult CPR Mannequin

Learning the proper medical techniques is critical when administering CPR and static knowledge alone is often not sufficient. This realistic and ergonomically correct mannequin is the perfect tool during initial training as well as one needs to update his or her qualifications. Unlike some other models, this mannequin is a cost-effective option while still being…
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Comfort Safety Lancets

There are many times when a medical professional will need to quickly draw blood in a safe and precise manner. It is also very important that the patient in question experiences as little pain as possible. This pack of comfort safety lancets offered exclusively through First Medical Training are able to offer these benefits and…
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