Schizophrenia Course

It is estimated that approximately one per cent of the global population will be diagnosed with schizophrenia at least once in their lifetime. One of the main issues is that the signs and symptoms of this condition can be difficult to spot. Not only does this arise from a lack of subjective clarity, but friends…
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Professional Stress Management Course

There is no doubt that stress is a pervasive part of daily life. This is why appreciating the basics associated with stress management is important for management and employees alike. First Medical Training has therefore created a two-hour course which is intended to provide attendees with the knowledge required to deal with such situations. Let…
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Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Adults

Protecting the needs and addressing the requirements of vulnerable adults (also referred to as an adult at risk of harm) is a very serious concern. Of course, the exact stipulations will vary between individuals. This is why medical professionals need to possess the proper level of flexible training in order to proactively cope with sudden…
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Addressing Emergency Scenarios Within Dental Clinics

While an average trip to a dentist normally represents a decidedly innocuous situation, we still need to keep in mind that unexpected situations can and will occur from time to time. It is the responsibility of all professionals present to be able to deal with such scenarios in order to safeguard the health of the…
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