Get the right numbers from our Finger Pulse Oximeter

Our Finger Pulse Oximeter can be utilised to measure various health metrics of both children and adults alike. Its portable nature allows it to be ideal for numerous diagnostic procedures. Thus, it can be employed within emergency situations as well as during standard procedures such as monitoring the heart rate of a patient during the…
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Pad-Pak for Adults and Children of 8+ Years of Age

Reliability and convenience are two advantages associated with all of the products offered by First Medical Training. These very same principles can be seen with the unique line of Pad-Pak™ defibrillator accessories. Intended to be used for adults and children over the age of eight, all batteries and AED electrodes are contained within a single…
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About our Adult Bag-Valve Mask

There can be instances when a patient will require a respiratory aid during an emergency or a routine procedure. This latex-free mask is an ideal solution which will provide superior levels of comfort alongside quick application when necessary. While primarily designed for use with adults, there are infant and child variants available through First Medical…
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Auditing Your Dental Surgery: We Can Help

Any dental clinic needs to make absolutely certain that it is adhering with the latest regulations while simultaneously guaranteeing the health and safety of every patient. However, this process can be quite challenging and in some cases, costly. It is nonetheless a fact that an audit is a very real concern. A thorough examination of…
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