One-Day Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

Manual handling involves situations that require an individual to perform actions such as lifting, moving, carrying, or manipulating objects. These scenarios are often present within many workplaces and without the proper education, injuries can occur. This is why possessing the proper level of manual handling training is critical within today's workplace. The team at First…
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Alzheimer’s: Tomorrow is Another Day

Varying levels of dementia are experienced by millions of individuals throughout the United Kingdom. As this condition can take a dramatic toll on the sufferers as well as those who care for them, knowing how to deal with various situations can represent an invaluable asset. Thus, First Medical Training has created a course known as…
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Dementia Awareness Course

Do you know someone who is currently suffering from dementia? Whether you currently work in a care facility or a family member has recently been diagnosed, there is no doubt that this condition can present a number of challenges. This is why learning about the various coping strategies is critical in order to enhance one's…
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Schizophrenia Course

It is estimated that approximately one per cent of the global population will be diagnosed with schizophrenia at least once in their lifetime. One of the main issues is that the signs and symptoms of this condition can be difficult to spot. Not only does this arise from a lack of subjective clarity, but friends…
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