About our Adult Bag-Valve Mask

There can be instances when a patient will require a respiratory aid during an emergency or a routine procedure. This latex-free mask is an ideal solution which will provide superior levels of comfort alongside quick application when necessary. While primarily designed for use with adults, there are infant and child variants available through First Medical Training.

Features and Benefits

This valve mask is comprised of medical-grade PVC and a polycarbonate coating provides a superior grip while in use. In terms of functionality, clear materials will enable the doctor or technician to enjoy unfettered views during its use; ideal for safety and efficacy. Sterility is always a concern within the medical environment, so this mask is offered in a hermetically sealed bag and designed for one-time use.

Additional Information

The total volume that this mask supplies is 1,000 millilitres. As the unit is ergonomically designed, a sufficient seal will be created between the valve and the mouth of the patient. Built-in air cushions can be physically modified to provide the individual with an extra sense of comfort during its use. As mentioned previously, it is possible to obtain a variant for infants and children. These models are equipped with a pressure relief valve (water) of 40 centimetres. Similar to other products offered through First Medical Training, this valve mask is constructed to the highest of standards and can be relied upon when needed the most.

We encourage all visitors to take a look at the additional details of this product. The mask can be purchased immediately and deliveries of over £40 pounds are free within the United Kingdom. We are likewise happy to answer any additional questions.

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