Addressing Emergency Scenarios Within Dental Clinics

While an average trip to a dentist normally represents a decidedly innocuous situation, we still need to keep in mind that unexpected situations can and will occur from time to time. It is the responsibility of all professionals present to be able to deal with such scenarios in order to safeguard the health of the patient before medical technicians arrive on the scene. This three-hour course offered by First Medical Training has been designed to provide the necessary levels of clarity and insight so that on-site staff will be able to react in a proactive manner.

Dealing with Common Medical Emergencies

There are several situations which could emerge within a certain period of time. Some of the most serious include angina, heart attacks, hypoglycaemia, syncope, or anaphylactic shock due to a reaction to anaesthesia. Without the proper medical knowledge, any of these incidents can quickly evolve into life-threatening scenarios. Thus, the course offered by First Medical Training is intended to provide all attendees with the knowledge required in order to administer targeted intervention techniques.

What is Offered Within this Emergency Scenario Course?

The first portion of this course will serve as an outline of the emergency situations mentioned in the prior paragraph. This will provide participants with a basic overview of some of the causes of such medical emergencies as well as the ability to identify any associated symptoms. However, it is also important to highlight that attendees will thereafter be presented with mock situations in order to test what they have learned.

The instructions presented within this course are in accordance with current UK Resuscitation Council recommendations and they are taught by expert professionals. Please note that these three hours can be used towards CPD certifications.

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