Adult CPR Mannequin

Learning the proper medical techniques is critical when administering CPR and static knowledge alone is often not sufficient. This realistic and ergonomically correct mannequin is the perfect tool during initial training as well as one needs to update his or her qualifications. Unlike some other models, this mannequin is a cost-effective option while still being able to provide a lifelike scenario; critical during emergency situations.

When Realism Matters

CPR is a very exacting procedure. If performed incorrectly, the practitioner may inadvertently harm the patient. There are even times when improper techniques have caused the patient to expire due to what would have otherwise been a treatable condition. When there is no margin for error, anatomically correct mannequins are the perfect options. They will literally provide a hands-on experience that cannot be duplicated with book knowledge alone. In fact, a growing number of jurisdictions are requiring these mannequins to be used during training and qualification sessions. First Medical Training has provided a durable and yet lightweight replica that is able to suit even the most demanding of situations.

Quality Products and Materials

Each kit comes with one fully sized "Little Anne" mannequin. The user can choose lighter or darker skin based upon his or her preferences. In addition, a soft pack training mat is offered. This provides extra levels of comfort when practising CPR. Two airways and two face skins are likewise included within this total package. Therefore, there is no need to look elsewhere in terms of obtaining only the most thorough CPR training.

CPR is one of the most important techniques that every technician should learn. First Medical Training has left nothing to chance in terms of quality and reliability. Please take a closer look at this package as well as the countless other items found throughout this website.

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