Alzheimer’s: Tomorrow is Another Day

Varying levels of dementia are experienced by millions of individuals throughout the United Kingdom. As this condition can take a dramatic toll on the sufferers as well as those who care for them, knowing how to deal with various situations can represent an invaluable asset. Thus, First Medical Training has created a course known as "Alzheimer's: Tomorrow is Another Day" in order to proactively address various topics. This seminar is appropriate for care workers, those who work in medical facilities and indeed anyone who may personally know an individual who is currently grappling with dementia.

A Four-Part Instructional Seminar

This Alzheimer's course will last for a single day and it is broken down into four different sections. First, attendees will be provided with a detailed description of dementia from a medical point of view. They are then offered insight in regards to the subjective experience of Alzheimer's disease. This is followed up by some of the most effective methods to support those who have already been diagnosed. Finally, attendees will learn to appreciate some of the most useful forms of communication within personal or clinical settings.

While there is currently no known cure for dementia, the fact of the matter is that numerous effective strategies are indeed available. the intention of this hands-on course is to provide students with the knowledge required to care for those who may be grappling with such a condition. Be sure to secure a reservation today. You may also choose to contact a representative at First Medical Training if you have additional questions.

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