Basic Fire Safety Training: The Key to Prevention

Fires within the home or the workplace are a very real concern. During the period between 2016 and 2017, 261 fire-related deaths occurred throughout the United Kingdom (1). Thousands of additional individuals suffered serious and life-changing injuries. This is why the concept of fire safety training should never be taken lightly. Knowledge is indeed power and knowing what to do if such an event occurs could very well save lives. This is why First Medical Training offers an in-depth instructional course related to critical topics and responsibilities.

Understanding the Basics of Fire Safety

It can be argued that many fires within the United Kingdom could have been prevented if those who were on the premises possessed the appropriate knowledge base. While the concepts themselves may appear basic, they are nonetheless critical to appreciate. A handful of subjects which are covered in this training course include understanding the causes of most fires, identifying situations that could result in a fire and knowing the different types of equipment that can be used. Perhaps most importantly, all attendees will be made aware of what they should do if a fire is encountered.

A Universal Responsibility

It should be noted that this type of certified training course may be legally required under certain circumstances; particularly when related to management and decision makers. However, it is the responsibility of everyone to be made aware of fire safety basics. The course offered by First Medical Training is three hours long and it will provide an in-depth explanation of the concepts mentioned above. Please examine this instructional training in greater detail. As always, you can also contact a representative to learn more or to reserve a position during the next session.



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