Box Handling for Non-Care Staff

According to recent statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive, more than one-third of all workplace injuries result from the improper lifting and handling of heavy items such as boxes (1). Not only will such incidents cost an organisation a significant amount of money, but they often result in chronic issues such as back pain and sciatica. This is the reason why non-care staff within medical environments need to be aware of the approved lifting techniques. First Medical Training provides a targeted course that is able to address the most important concerns; dramatically reducing the chances of injuries within the work environment.

The Purpose of the Course

This seminar is aimed at teaching all staff members the correct techniques when lifting boxes and similarly bulky items. It will address concerns such as specific applicable regulations as well as appreciating the role of risk assessments before undertaking potentially dangerous tasks. Furthermore, it intends to provide a detailed description of the structure of the spine in order to understand the consequences of incorrect lifting procedures. Overall back awareness will likewise be covered; providing participants with a better understanding of the relationship between the associated muscles and the spinal column.

Real-Time Preventative Awareness

The ultimate goal is to empower all attendees so that they can apply this knowledge within real-world situations. They will also further appreciate the consequences of improper lifting habits. Thus, practical assessments will be much more informed; resulting in fewer incidences of workplace injuries and similarly debilitating situations.

First Medical Training is pleased to be able to provide this two-hour seminar. If you hope to reserve your place for an upcoming event, please examine its benefits in greater detail or contact us for additional information.



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