Challenging Behaviour Course

One of the features associated with the field of medicine is that technicians are often faced with extremely dynamic situations. Whether referring to diagnosing a life-threatening condition or responding to a cardiac arrest, it seems as if no two scenarios are ever alike. It is also important to mention that there may be times when professionals will be confronted with challenging behaviour. In order to effectively treat the patient while mitigating potential risks, the proper preparation is required. First Medical Training has put together a bespoke course that specifically deals with challenging situations so that medical professionals will know how to effectively respond.

What is Involved?

The entire course will last for three hours and various topics are covered. It will begin by enabling participants to develop a basic understanding of challenging behaviour before highlighting different types that they are likely to encounter within real-world situations. The course then addresses issues such as the common triggers that can result in challenging postures, when intervention is necessary and how medical practitioners will be able to promptly deal with challenging behaviour.

The Practical Edge

Although it is impossible to replicate real-world scenarios, this course will still provide a practical session before completion. This can help to provide participants with a more realistic perspective of what to expect. Preparation and foresight is critical in terms of any type of medical treatment and this challenging behaviour course is designed to supply the necessary mental tools.

Please feel free to examine this course in greater detail. If you would like to book a session, please contact First Medical Training for additional assistance.

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