Choking and Prevention Course

Those who begin choking must be administered first aid within a timely fashion to avoid potentially serious consequences (including loss of consciousness and even death). This is why knowing what to do in such a situation is important for anyone who might need to assist someone who is choking. This professional course has been designed to provide all of the most pertinent information within a hands-on format. The entire duration is approximately two hours.

Signs, Symptoms and Risks

Anyone who is required to provide first aid will first need to appreciate some of the most common signs of choking. However, this course will also highlight the disparities between choking and aspiration. It is critical to differentiate between these two so that the correct help can be given when the time is right. In the same respect, attendees will lean which foods could present the highest risk factors. This may be important for those who work in medical and care facilities.

Additional Details

This choking and prevention course will also review emergency assistance tactics. These include DRN (do not resuscitate) and DNAR (do not attempt resuscitation). On a final note, this two-hour seminar includes professional recommendations which should be followed by those who are required to assist someone when eating.

Anyone who desires to learn more about spotting the symptoms of choking as well as how to administer the proper first aid is encouraged to take this course. Please book a reservation now with First Medical Training in order to secure a spot within a future seminar.

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