Comfort Safety Lancets

There are many times when a medical professional will need to quickly draw blood in a safe and precise manner. It is also very important that the patient in question experiences as little pain as possible. This pack of comfort safety lancets offered exclusively through First Medical Training are able to offer these benefits and many others. Each packet contains ten sterile lancets that are ready for immediate use if required.

Comfort Zone Technology

One of the issues with traditional lancets is that they often cause the patient a significant amount of pain. This is obviously even more of a concern when referring to children or those with a natural phobia of needles. The proprietary "Comfort Zone" technology associated with these Unistick 3 lancets guarantees a virtually pain-free experience. This will likewise enable the medical professional to complete his or her task faster; a critical concern in emergency situations.

Precision and Control When Required

It is important that the practitioner is able to modify the amount of pressure that he or she applies to the lancet when drawing blood. These devices are able to provide superior levels of control when it is needed the most. In addition, an ergonomic frame enables the user to grab the lancet much easier. This reduces chances that the unit may slip during use; once again providing an excellent sense of control.

This pack of ten Unistick 3 Comfort Safety Lancets are ideal when second-to-none levels of control and a pain-free experience are required. This is only one of the many quality products supplied by First Medical Training. Please take a closer look at these lancets and as always, one of our professionals will be happy to address any additional questions that you may have.

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