Confidentiality Awareness Course

There are many instances when a medical professional will need to address issues involving privacy and confidentiality. Whether referring to the recent diagnosis of a disease or the legal stipulations regarding the release of personal records, it is very important to be aware of the most crucial rules and guidelines. This two-house course provided by First Medical Training is formulated to cover a host of pertinent topics so that all attendees will be aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Course Contents and Overview

This confidentiality awareness course will first address basic concepts such as the accepted definition of confidentiality within the medical community as well as why it is very important. A sizeable portion of the time is then utilised to address specific methods intended to maintain reliable levels of confidentiality within common medical situations. However, it is also important for professionals to be aware of when the concept of confidentiality may need to be breached. One example may include when the disclosure of such information could prove to be dangerous to the physical or mental health of a patient. As such circumstances can be difficult to ascertain without the proper knowledge, this course will also address these issues in detail. Lastly, the current legislation surrounding the concept of medical confidentiality will be examined before the course is completed.

If you would like to be more aware of the role of confidentiality, be sure to confirm a reservation at the earliest possible convenience. Anyone who has additional questions can always contact a representative at First Medical Training. We will be more than happy to be of further assistance.

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