CPR Face Mask with Case Included

This CPR face mask can be quickly utilised by first responders and anyone else who may be trained to deal with sudden medical emergencies. Heart attacks, allergic reactions and drug overdoses are three situations when this mask could signify the difference between life or death. One of the benefits associated with this unit is that it can be easily carried on one's person or within a first-aid kit. The addition of a hard plastic carrying case that can be tightly enclosed ensures that the mask will not be damaged or exposed to contaminants.

Flexible and Professional

This CPR face mask is equipped with a one-way valve that allows air to pass freely to the victim while simultaneously reducing the risk that infections fluids will be transferred. This mask is also able to adjust to the face of the victim thanks to a pre-inflated lining. Thus, a tight seal is assured. The entire shell has been constructed from transparent plastic. Caregivers will therefore be able to monitor important metrics such as breathing or a blocked airway. It also comes equipped with a flexible strap that can be fitted around the head of anyone who requires medical assistance. Its brightly coloured carrying case provides an extra level of visibility. Fittings of 22 millimetres adhere to current ISO specifications and the mask can be used in conjunction with all common BVM resuscitators. This unit is suited for both adults and children.

Please take a closer look at this device and as always, it is possible to make an immediate purchase or to contact a First Medical Training representative for further assistance.

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