Defibrillator Wall-Mounted Bracket

Seconds count whenever a cardiac emergency arises. There are likewise many times when these can occur within a public place such as a school, hospital or nursing home. Medical technicians and even members of the general public should therefore always be aware of the location of a portable defibrillation unit. This wall-mounted bracket helps to take any guesswork out of the equation. Therefore, life-saving help can be provided with it is needed the most.

Clear Markings for Immediate Visibility

One of the issues often encountered when a medical emergency takes place is that life-saving equipment might not be easily visible to the naked eye. The designers of this wall-mounted defibrillator bracket have effectively addressed such a concern. A clear green image set within a white background can easily be seen; even at a great distance. It is also marked with the universal symbol for a defibrillator. This can address circumstances when the viewer might not necessarily understand or be able to read English. This high-visibility combination will ensure that the device can be quickly located within seconds.

Universal Mounting Capabilities

This mounting bracket is extremely flexible due to the fact that it can be mounted upon numerous different surfaces and types of walls. Corridors, stairways, entrances and foyers are a handful of common examples. It also contains a clear plastic pouch which houses the defibrillation unit itself; important for quick retrieval.

We should note that this wall-mounted defibrillator bracket is only one of the many quality accessories offered by First Medical Training. It can also be paired with the other items found throughout this website. Please take a closer look before making a purchase and if you have any additional questions, a representative will be more than pleased to assist.

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