Emergency Drugs Within the Modern Dental Workplace

Besides offering medial equipment and audits, First Medical Training is pleased to supply medication in the event that an emergency arises while a procedure is being performed. This is critical, for administration and response times could very dictate the health of the patient in question. We also adhere to all of the present guidelines put forth by the UK Resuscitation Council in 2013. Please note that it is possible to procure each unit individually while these substances are also available in packs for bulk orders. When it comes to the most relevant medication, we are always here to help.

Drugs Within the Dental Workplace

A handful of the drug varieties provided by First Medical Training includes (but is not limited to):

  • Aspirin 300 mg.
  • Orally administered glucose (tablets, powder or gel).
  • Salbutamol (100 mcg).

Besides these medications, other options include oxygen, GTN (glyceryl trinitrate), adrenaline (1:1,000), glucagon (1 mg) and midazolam (given intranasal or buccal). All of these medications have been tested to reflect only the highest levels of industry standards. Each dental practice should monitor and audit these substances to ensure safety and quality control.

More Than Medication Alone

First Medical Training is also able to provide seminars in regards to the management and administration of these substances within a real-world environment. This is critical to appreciate different dosage levels, when each is required and to avoid potential contraindications with other medications that the patient may be taking. These skills will provide the medical professional with the confidence to perform the correct actions at the most appropriate times.

If you are curious to learn more about the available drugs or if you would be interested in discovering our training methods, please visit our dedicated page or contact us at your convenience.

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