Emergency First-Aid Course for Motorbike Enthusiasts

It is estimated that there are over 1.1 million motorcyclists within the United Kingdom. Authorities have likewise noted that nearly 20,000 riders are injured every year; some instances proving to be fatal. While riding a motorcycle is indeed a great deal of fun, the risks associated with this pastime are quite serious. This is why First Medical Training has created a course specifically intended to provide attendees with the ability to render aid in the event that a fellow rider is injured. Let us briefly examine some of the issues that will be addressed in this seminar.

General Emergency Practices

It is first important that attendees possess a basic knowledge of general first-aid practices in order to provide assistance in the event of an accident. Therefore, this course will highlight topics including proper incident management, bleeding, fractures, dealing with an unconscious individual, and how to use an emergency defibrillator. The primary takeaway point here is that it is critical to stabilise an individual who has been injured until the emergency services arise. There are even cases when this can save a life.

Addressing Motorcycle-Specific Situations

Some of the most dangerous situations caused as a result of motorcycle accidents include head and spinal injuries. As these can represent life-threatening scenarios, those who attend this seminar will be provided with treatment options as well as professional recommendations such as when a patient should not be moved. Those who possess the confidence and working knowledge to address such situations are more likely to respond correctly under pressure.

Motorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries. Anyone who regularly takes to the open road is encouraged to attend this course. Additional questions can be addressed by contacting First Medical Training and please confirm reservations in advance in order to secure a spot.

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