Epilepsy Awareness Course

It has been estimated that epilepsy affects one out of every 100 individuals. Studies have shown that an additional 87 are diagnosed each ad every day. While this chronic condition may be manageable on occasion, there are certainly times when a sudden attack can emerge. If the proper care is not administered, serious injuries (or even death) may occur. This is why the professionals at First Medical Training have created a hands-on and informative epilepsy awareness course. Lasting a total of three hours, attendees will be provided with a host of important facts and suggestions so that the possible impacts of such an attack can be mitigated.

What Topics Does the Epilepsy Awareness Course Cover?

This seminar will initially examine the basics of epilepsy. Subjects include a broad definition of epilepsy, its causes and triggers which could result in a potential episode. Attendees will then learn how to differentiate between different types of attacks; critical when determining how to address the issue at hand.

Additional information covers caring for an individual during an epileptic episode as well as the administration of an emergency medication known as Buccal Midazolam. This course will also provide beneficial advice to those who are currently living with epilepsy alongside guidelines which should be followed when documenting a seizure. Specific laws will likewise be addressed so that all participants are provided with a well-rounded skill set.

Whether you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy, this course can represent a powerful tool. Please contact First Medical Training to confirm a reservation or if you are curious to learn more about what is in store.

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