Falls Awareness Course

Slips and falls are some of the most common (and potentially serious) situations that individuals may face. The risk of traumatic injury increases with age and this is the reason why all healthcare technicians need to know the steps to be taken in the event that a patient suffers from a fall. The intention of this two-hour course is to provide a superior level of insight and guidance. This will enable professionals to react in the appropriate manner when the time is right.

Background Information

It is first important to appreciate the current legislation regarding falls in order to know which steps should be taken as well as the risks associated with specific environments. Procedural aspects are also covered in this course; critical in terms of both patient care as well as legal accountability. This two-hour seminar is therefore just as relevant for management as it is for daily staff members.

A Hands-On Knowledge Base

The first step to prevent a fall is to fully understand the risk factors that are involved as well as some of the most common causes of falls. It will then be possible to assess proactive prevention methods in order to provide patients with a safe atmosphere. Risk assessments are also included within this course; a vital concern when evaluating specific healthcare environments.

Would you or your associates like to learn more about the topics covered within this fall awareness course? If so, please take a further look at its contents and book a reservation today with the help of First Medical Training. The most important factor in preventing a potentially serious injury is being aware of the risk factors that are involved.

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