Five-Day Instructor Training Course

There are many emergency situations which will require a degree of hands-on medical knowledge. Countless individuals have already benefited from the targeted level of first-aid knowledge provided by First Medical Training and this five-day course will provide attendees with the basic skills that may be needed in order to address potentially life-threatening situations. Boasting state-of-the-art training techniques and a high level of interaction, this seminar is ideally suited for anyone who wishes to be fully prepared for a host of medical problems that may need to be proactively addressed.

A Quick Look at Course Content

This instructor training course will peruse a host of valuable subjects including (but not limited to) current health and safety legislation, dealing with an unconscious individual, the process of resuscitation, addressing airway and breathing problems, dealing with individuals who have gone into shock, and handling wounds. These are then combined with live demonstrations so that attendees are able to obtain a hands-on understanding of the subjects being discussed.

A Host of Qualifications

One of the reasons why this course is useful arises from the fact that those who attend will receive numerous qualifications. These include CPR and AED, the title of an Approved Anaphylaxis Awareness Instructor, a certified oxygen administrator, and a BTEC Level 3 in Education and Training within the QCF framework.

Furthermore, those who successfully complete this course will be allowed to teach subjects such as basic first aid and the operation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to others in the future when required.

It is clear to see that this five-day course is essential for those who are interested in the field of health care. Please take a closer look at its contents and feel free to confirm a reservation with First Medical Training.

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