Get the right numbers from our Finger Pulse Oximeter

Our Finger Pulse Oximeter can be utilised to measure various health metrics of both children and adults alike. Its portable nature allows it to be ideal for numerous diagnostic procedures. Thus, it can be employed within emergency situations as well as during standard procedures such as monitoring the heart rate of a patient during the administration of anaesthesia.

Lightweight and Functional

The MD3000 finger pulse oximeter is easy to use thanks to its one-button functionality. A bright LED-powered screen can be employed within low-light situations; often advantageous to address specific medical requirements. With two AA batteries installed, the entire unit weighs only 50 grams. An efficient design provides up to 20 hours of continuous use before its power supply will have to be changed.

Detailed Metrics and Observations

The unit is capable of accurately measuring numerous biological functions. Arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate (between 30 and 253 beats per minute) and physiological (pleth) waveforms in two formats are all displayed on its OLED screen. The brightness can be adjusted to different levels and when not in continuous operation, this finger pulse oximeter can be programmed to provide results in four-hour intervals. A signal strength indicator is also provided; ideal for patients who may have compromised circulatory systems or other conditions.

First Medical Training On Your Side

Please note that this product can be purchased alongside countless other medically oriented devices with the help of First Medical Training. All orders over £40 pounds will not be subject to any delivery fees within the United Kingdom. If you would like to purchase this finger pulse oximeter, please have a further look or contact a professional representative at your convenience.

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