Guedel Airway

Otherwise referred to as an oropharyngeal airway, a Geudel airway is meant to provide life-saving access to the airway of a patient when circumstances dictate that tracheal intubation is not a possibility. This often occurs when an individual is unconscious and it is necessary to prevent the tongue from covering the epiglottis. This type of device can be used by first responders, police officers, emergency medical technicians and anyone who has had authorised training. In many cases, the use of the Geudel airway can spell the difference between life and death.

Primary Features and Benefits of the Geudel Airway

The airway kit supplied by First Medical Training comes equipped with a number of unique advantages which are not often found in more generic alternatives. Each airway is colour coded; enabling the user to quickly identify which one is suited for the patient. There are a number of sizes and these are intended to accommodate airways of various sizes (ranging between infants and adults). These devices have been fashioned from a combination of two different materials. Thus, the presence of a standard bite block is no longer required. Each unit is designed for a single use and as they are all anatomically correct, manual intubation should not present an issue. A large channel (lumen) helps to promote proper respiration.

Quality Through First Medical Training

Like all of the products supplied by First Medical Training, the quality of this kit is never called into question. We encourage all visitors to have a closer look at this Guedel airway bundle and as always, please feel free to make an immediate purchase with the help of our online order form. A representative will also be happy to answer any additional questions.

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