Hand-Held Suction Pump

This portable hand-held pump will provide the necessary suction when clearing an airway during emergency medical procedures. Thanks to its lightweight nature, it is entirely portable and therefore an ideal accessory for emergency medical technicians and similar roles when real-time intervention can make the difference between life or death. Another notable benefit of this design is that it is able to be manipulated with only one hand. Therefore, it will free up the other hand to perform other critical operations until the patient is stabilised. The unit is mechanically operated, so no additional power supply is required.

Flexible and Efficient

This hand-held suction pump is equipped with separate catheters. These are intended to provide an extra barrier against cross contamination and infection. A built-in storage jar will likewise collect any potentially dangerous fluids during the intubation process. In the event that the storage unit becomes full, an auto-stop mechanism will prevent any further liquids from entering. Please note that the catheters as well as the collection jar itself can be changed in only a matter of minutes; an important consideration when time is of the essence.

On-Demand reliability When it Matters the Most

This hand-held suction pump can be easily stored away and thanks to its durable plastic construction, it represents an excellent long-term investment for medical professionals. Of course, this is only one of many items offered by First Medical Training. Please have a closer look in order to appreciate its numerous benefits. A customer service representative can likewise be contacted in the event that you require further assistance.

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