Hands-On Dental Training Course

One of the most challenging aspects associated with the field of dentistry is that professionals will be forced to deal with unexpected situations from time to time. Whether referring to an emergency root canal appointment, administering real-time aid while out and about or even dealing with a cardiac arrest, there is little room for error. This is why the technicians at First Medical Training have created this bespoke dental workshop. What skills can attendees expect to acquire and why is this seminar ideally suited for professionals of all levels?

Comprehensive, Thorough and Targeted Techniques

This workshop is broken down into a number of discrete modules. It will require a total of six hours to complete. A handful of areas which are addressed include how to use a defibrillator, CPR for patients of all ages, OP airways, glucometer readings, and the correct way to administer drugs during an emergency situation. Thus, students can expect to receive a wide array of advice. This course is therefore just as suited for individuals as for entire dental teams.

Hands-On Training Methods

Another unique section of our dental training seminar is the inclusion of a real-time mock emergency scenario. Attendees will be required to successfully demonstrate their new skills in order to protect the life of a fictional patient. This hands-on exercise is an excellent way to reinforce such knowledge as well as to identify any potentially weak areas.

Those who would like to learn more about this course are encouraged to examine its details and to book a reservation today through First Medical Training.

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