Health and Safety, COSHH, Fire Safety, Albac Mat, Infection Control Course

Health and safety within the workplace is the responsibility of everyone. In terms of sheer accountability and the ability to address any emergency situations as they may occur, it is important to possess the proper level of knowledge at the appropriate times. This is why First Medical Training is now offering a course which encompasses a host of metrics. As opposed to being forced to attend different seminars, this single programme encompasses a vast amount of information which can then be proactively translated into the workplace. Let us take a closer look at what attendees can expect to be provided with.

An All-in-One Option

There are several subjects which will be addressed throughout the duration of this six-hour course. Those attending are offered a description of the requirements associated with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations. They will be properly trained in the use of the AlbacMat flexible stretcher system. Information designed to minimise the transmission of infectious diseases is highlighted. Understanding what situations can lead to fires as well as emergency evacuation procedures are likewise addressed. The main takeaway point is that knowing how to deal with unexpected circumstances can dramatically reduce the chances of a serious injury.

A Well-Rounded Course Structure

While this seminar provides a great deal of hands-on knowledge, it also covers general topics such as accident reporting, the proper use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and even minimising stress within the workplace. Adopting the safest and most modern practices will help to ensure that on-site safety is never compromised. Those who are curious to learn more about the specifics of this course are encouraged to book a reservation in advance before speaking with a representative at First Medical Training.

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