Home-Based CPR and Defibrillator Kit

There are countless instances when a sudden home-based emergency will require the use of professional medical equipment. In the event of a cardiac arrest or a similar heart-related situation, this home-based CPR "ready kit" provides the user with all of the most important tools and accessories when they are needed the most. These items can be quickly accessed and when seconds matter, this package could very well determine the difference between life and death. Let us briefly examine what our bundle has to offer.

Immediate Emergency Essentials

This ready kit provides the user with all of the very same accessories that would normally be found within a trauma response package. These include specially designed scissors to quickly remove clothing without harming the skin of the patient, disposable razors (if excess chest hair needs to be removed), electrode pads and an ergonomically designed face mask in the event that CPR needs to be safely administered. The entire bundle is packaged in such a way as to make it easily accessible when required on short notice or during life-threatening situations.

To be Used Alongside Defibrillator Kits

We should make it a point here to note that a defibrillator is NOT included within this bundle. On the contrary, it is best to store this kit alongside the defibrillators offered exclusively through First Medical Training. As with all other products, shipping and delivery within the United Kingdom is free for orders in excess of £40 pounds. First Medical Training accepts numerous forms of payment and this product can be ordered in bulk when required. This ready kit is one of the many emergency accessories which can be found throughout our website. Please examine the product in greater detail and purchase it today with the help of our expedited online order form.

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