One-Day Instructor Training Course for First-Aid Professionals

Emergency medical technicians and similar first responders should be fully equipped to handle a number of situations. Two of the most common scenarios include the ability to provide first aid and to administer CPR when required. This one-day Instructor Training Course (ITC) is intended to supply attendees with the information and the background information needed to become qualified first-aid teachers.

Teaching the Proper Techniques with Real-Time Clarity

This Instructor Training Course focuses around several core competencies. These include (but are not limited to) first aid at work (including emergency situations) paediatric first aid, the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), the administration of CPR and a basic knowledge of automatic injection devices. Upon completion of this one-day course, all attendees will be supplied with a First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) identification number. This is the same number associated with First Medical Training. Our seminar will likewise illustrate the latest emergency techniques through the use of modern instructional materials; providing potential instructors with the knowledge required to teach other students the proper delivery methods in the future.

A Comprehensive and Hands-On Course

Our ITC is meant to offer a comprehensive and in-depth look at various common first-aid procedures to be used in the field. Not only will students benefit from the experience of previously qualified instructors, but a host of other materials are provided. Course lesson guides, participation manuals and a CD-ROM are some examples.

First Medical Training has always supplied cutting-edge tools and techniques to our clients. Please take a further look at this course and contact us in order to reserve your place.

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