One-Day Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

Manual handling involves situations that require an individual to perform actions such as lifting, moving, carrying, or manipulating objects. These scenarios are often present within many workplaces and without the proper education, injuries can occur. This is why possessing the proper level of manual handling training is critical within today's workplace. The team at First Medical Training has therefore created a thorough course that is intended to provide attendees with a host of recommendations. What does this seminar involve and what benefits will it provide?

A Hands-On Knowledge Base

This course will only last a single day and yet, it is intended to address a host of relevant topics. After a brief introduction to the concept of manual handling training, instructors will cover topics such as how the human spinal system functions and the risks that improper lifting can pose. Furthermore, additional subjects such as how to correctly lift, lower, carry, and pull an object will be discussed in detail.

It is just as important to mention that this manual handling training seminar takes into account the importance of performing a risk assessment before any potentially dangerous tasks are undertaken. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent accidents from occurring as well as to appreciate what each task entails. Different techniques will likewise be discussed.

Suited for Employees and Managers Alike

This course will likewise provide an overview of potential legal responsibilities as well as how on-site trainers can develop the correct teaching techniques before passing them on to others. Anyone who is regularly subject to degrees of manual labour will therefore benefit from what is in store.

Please take a closer look at this manual handling instructor course and feel free to book a reservation well in advance.

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