Our Global Ambitions

First Medical Training is a global company currently operating in two continents. The goal of Christian Smith, founder and Managing Director, was to share the life-saving skills he had acquired as a paramedic. The company believes life-saving skills should be available to all as they are vital.

Today, First Medical Training has over 500 instructors spread across the nation and in the African continent. We are also in the process of developing a training platform to be run online with the goal of taking our operations worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

We are a group of highly-motivated specialists and instructors in our chosen professional fields. We always endeavour to stay abreast of changing legal requirements wherever we operate. We are an all-inclusive company where the ideas and opinions of everybody are actively sought.

The Courses we Offer

Christian Smith’s drive and teaching passion have taken the kind of training offered at First Medical Training into new horizons in terms of the courses offered. We take great pride in that we are running a broad range of courses that cover a large variety of different subjects. We offer everything starting with training on basic first aid for company staff to expert training for dentists and doctors.

Some of the specific courses include:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) designed for dental and medical teams
  • Dedicated training for nurses and home care staff
  • Specialist courses designed to promote better understanding of illnesses like diabetes and epilepsy
  • Fire safety courses

You can visit our website to browse our different and current courses. Keeping in tune with our roots, we also offer training for first aid instructors and we train people into becoming Emergency medical Technicians. We also support defibrillators' installation in public places and schools, as well as championing community causes and campaigns.

Contact us

If you have a question or want to get more information, contact us or visit our website and browse our courses and also check our calendar.

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