Pad-Pak for Adults and Children of 8+ Years of Age

Reliability and convenience are two advantages associated with all of the products offered by First Medical Training. These very same principles can be seen with the unique line of Pad-Pak™ defibrillator accessories. Intended to be used for adults and children over the age of eight, all batteries and AED electrodes are contained within a single unit. Not only is this a much more convenient alternative when compared to normal defibrillator pads, but reliability is never an issue. Each Pad-Pak™ is able to provide six hours of constant monitoring or 60 individual shocks.

Enhanced Lifespan and Safety

Modern technology enables these portable devices to offer a lifespan of up to four years. When the unit is low on power, it will emit a beeping sound to notify the practitioner. This is also advantageous from a logistical point of view, for it will no longer be necessary to keep track of the expiry dates of multiple items. Another obvious benefit of this feature is that the chances of utilising a defibrillator low on power during an emergency situation are dramatically reduced. The associated levels of safety are therefore dramatically increased.

Smart Technology for Smart Responses

An intelligent system known as the HeartSine PAD is able to detect when it is attached to a child, so the appropriate amount of energy will be delivered. This is the very same system which alerts the user when less than ten shocks are left. To fully appreciate the benefits of this device, please have a closer look. This and numerous other products can be immediately purchased through First Medical Training. Free deliveries within the United Kingdom are offered for all purchases over £40 and we can always be contacted should you have further questions. In terms of safety and reliability, look no further than the countless medical items offered through our online shop.

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