Professional Communication Skills Course

One of the many challenges facing medical practitioners of all skill levels is knowing how to adopt the most effective communication skills when speaking with fellow colleagues as well as patients. Not only will this help to expedite any procedures that might need to take place, but successful communication fosters a greater sense of professional cohesion; essential within hectic work environments. First Medical Training takes such concerns very seriously and we are pleased to provide a three-hour course intended to supply attendees with a host of powerful tools.

Addressing a Wide Variety of Pertinent Subjects

We have worked in synergy with Dental Nurse Development (DND) when creating this targeted course and it is specifically designed for modern medical practitioners. Some of the topics which will be covered include types of verbal and non-verbal communication, dictating the appropriate policies, addressing the appropriate responses during a variety of situations, and helping to maintain the proper communicative channels at all times. Thus, attendees will walk away with levels of clarity and insight that might not be possible without such training. It should also be stressed that this communications course focuses upon the concept of interpersonal psychology; another key concept to appreciate when dealing with patients as well as fellow coworkers. Please note that these three hours can verified and included within any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Dynamic Knowledge for the Demanding Workplace

Medical practitioners of all skill levels are encouraged to attend this course, as it provides a host of hands-on tools. Please contact First Medical Training if you have any additional questions or to reserve your place today.

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