Professional Entonox (Nitrous Oxide) Training Course

There are many times when pain management is crucial when dealing with a sudden medical emergency. This will help the patient to remain stable so that the first responder is able to carry out his or her duties. However, there may also be occasions when EMS personnel are not located nearby (such as if an injury occurs in a more remote location). During such situations, the administration of nitrous oxide (often marketed under the brand name Entonox) is recommended. Technicians need to possess the proper level of hands-on training in order to safely work with such a gas. This is why First Medical Training provides a four-hour course specifically designed to address the most pertinent concerns.

A Detailed Overview

Attendees will first be introduced to Entonox in relation to its medical uses, side effects and similar information. After an understanding of the gas itself has been provided, an overview of the associated equipment and its assembly requirements will take place. This is intended to expedite scenarios where the administration of this gas could very well help to stabilise a potentially serious or even life-threatening situation. However, all guests will also be provided with instructions in regards to when Entonox should be used. Thus, real-time decisions can be made with clarity and confidence.

As with the administration of any type of chemical, users will likewise be provided with detailed information in regards to the contraindications associated with Entonox. Thus, the health and safety of the patient will never be called into question. Reporting is a final subject which will be addressed during this four-hour course, as professional accountability is always a concern. Those who are interested in learning more about what this seminar has to offer are encouraged to enquire directly with First Medical Training as well as to book a reservation as soon as possible.

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