Professional Food Hygiene Course

Recent studies compiled by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have shown that the United Kingdom suffers from more than one million cases of food poisoning on an annual basis. The majority of these instances are the direct results of individuals who fail to embrace the proper protocols which have been designed to ensure that contamination and similar risks do not occur. This is why the concept of food hygiene is critical for restaurants and similar public establishments. First Medical Training has therefore created a professional course that is intended to cover all of the most pertinent topics and current regulations.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Otherwise referred to by the acronym HACCP, this framework has been created to identify physical chemical and biological hazards to food within the workplace. As such a methodology is paramount when guaranteeing on-site safety, it will be extensively covered within this two-hour course. It should likewise be mentioned that other relevant regulations and legislative practices are addressed; providing attendees with the required knowledge base in order to work within a real-time environment.

Ancillary Concerns Associated with Food Hygiene

It is no secret that the concept of food hygiene covers a number of discrete issues. This is why the hands-on course provided by First Medical Training will address a host of other relevant topics. These include recognising the signs and causes of food poisoning, avoiding cross contamination within compact environments, personal hygiene, and hazards directly associated with specific foods. It should also be mentioned that the subject of pest control will be addressed (certain organisms can directly lead to contamination and food poisoning if not kept in check).

Actionable Knowledge for Viable Results in the Real World

Not only is food poisoning a serious health risk, but the fact of the matter is that organisations which fail to adhere to the proper hygiene standards can face civil and even criminal penalties. This is why the two-hour course provided by First Medical Training is essential for employees and management alike. In order to secure a reservation, please contact a representative as soon as possible. We will likewise be quite happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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