Professional Stress Management Course

There is no doubt that stress is a pervasive part of daily life. This is why appreciating the basics associated with stress management is important for management and employees alike. First Medical Training has therefore created a two-hour course which is intended to provide attendees with the knowledge required to deal with such situations. Let us take a brief look at what this course entails as well as why it is critical in terms of mitigating the potentially serious effects of stress.

An Introduction to Stress

One of the first steps associated with solving any problem is becoming aware of its existence. This is why the course will initially review the classical definition of stress and some of its primary causes. It will then delve into the unique signs and symptoms that could indicate higher levels of stress. Being able to identify such symptoms is crucial, as the correct steps can thereafter be taken. The final portion of this seminar will familiarise attendees with the most effective means to employ when coping with stress.

The Crucial Importance of Stress Management

It is a well-known fact that stress can impact one's mental, emotional and physical state. Not only may it lead to decreased performance within the workplace, but such distractions can also be dangerous (such as if a individual does not properly address an emergency medical situation). Other effects of stress include high blood pressure, interpersonal conflicts and even heart attacks. This is why the team at First Medical Training is pleased to be able to offer this two-hour course.

Due to the popularity and relevance of this subject, the chances are high that seats will quickly fill up. Please reserve your spot today and contact a representative if you have additional questions.

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