Sedation Awareness and Training Course

Dentists and any technicians working in the dental care industry need to be prepared for any scenario that may occur while a patient is being treated. One of the most serious involves the ability to address any potential complications while under sedation. In the event that a patient becomes ill, what steps need to be taken? What are some of the main concerns as well as the applicable procedures which can help to mitigate what might otherwise prove to be a dangerous scenario? This sedation awareness course offered by the professional instructors at First Medical Training will address these and other questions.

What Topics Will be Covered?

This course will last for six hours and these hours can contribute to one's CPD (Continual Professional Development) objectives. It primarily addresses common medical emergencies that may result from the introduction of sedatives (such as when a complicated dental procedure is being performed). Attendees will be provided with an overview of some of the most relevant emergencies as well as what techniques can be used to alleviate the associated effects. Examples include the use of a defibrillator, the introduction of CPR, when to employ a glucometer, and the administration of emergency medications. Other metrics which will be discussed are airway management, IV cannulation, oxygen equipment, OP airways, and the proper use of masks and filters.

Possessing the Right Knowledge at the Appropriate Time

It is vital that all dental technicians are able to leverage the proper medical techniques at all times so that any emergency can be dealt with appropriately. This is even more relevant when referring to patients with underlying medical conditions or those who are very old. First Medical Training appreciates the fact that those involved within such a challenging sector need to be provided with only the latest suggestions and guidelines. If you or your staff are interested in this sedation awareness course, please make it a point to speak with a representative so that you can book a reservation.

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