Two-Day Refresher Course for First-Aid Instructors

First-aid techniques and methods are constantly being updated as medical technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace. This is why instructors and similar professionals are required to keep ahead of the latest advancements. This two-day course offered by First Medical Training is intended to be utilised by anyone who might need to renew their certification in the near future. A wide range of subjects are covered during these two targeted sessions and any guidelines which may have been updated are likewise included. What elements does this seminar have to offer and why are they absolutely essential if you are required to update your at-work first-aid certificate?

A Plethora of Hands-On Topics

This first-aid course is quite comprehensive in regards to what is addressed throughout its duration. Basic techniques such as assessing the initial scene of an accident and dealing with an individual who has become unconscious will be examined in detail. The same holds true in regards to critical situations including (but not limited to) poisoning, choking, heart attacks, and head trauma. Techniques intended to stabilise a patient such as how to control bleeding, the application of bandages and resuscitation methods are also dealt with. Other areas of concern include the on-site management of fractures, dealing with burns, assessing eye injuries, and mitigating the effects of shock.

It is also important to note that this two-day course covers legal issues such as incident reports and the responsibilities of the first-aid professional. These are likewise critical so that an accurate assessment of the situation can be reviewed at a later date by professionals.

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