Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

This course is not only for people who have access to a defibrillator, it is also for those who don't. With defibrillators now being in more and more public locations we feel that along with CPR this is a life skill that should not be missed.

Our courses are taught in a way that will encourage people to act in the event of someone becoming unwell. Defibrillators are not a scary medical device to use and should the need arise, we know that anyone who has been on our course will be more than able and confident to act appropriately.

All our courses are taught using the most up to date UK Resuscitation Council guidelines.

Duration - 2 Hours

  • Chain of Survival

  • Patient Preparation

  • Resuscitation / CPR

  • Use of an AED

  • Safety Considerations

  • CPR / AED Practice

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