CitizenAID First Aid Course

CitizenAID™ is a UK based initiative designed to improve public resilience in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident.

Established by some of the UK’s most senior medical and military professionals, citizenAID trains members of the public in the “Run, Hide, Tell, Treat” procedure, teaching vital skills on how to react and how best to help each other in the event of a shooting, stabbing or bomb attack.

The course is of value to all members of the public; however it is particularly important for those who work in environments where the risk of a deliberate multiple casualty attack should be considered. These environments could include airports, train and bus stations, schools, colleges, shopping malls, galleries, museums, theatres, arenas, festivals and public events.

Duration: 4 Hours

  • Actions to take in the event of an active shooter or knife attack
  • Dealing with a suspect or exploded bomb
  • Communication with emergency services
  • Triage of multiple casualties
  • Treatment of severe external bleeding
  • Managing unresponsive casualties

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