Face Fit Testing

Where respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is used, it must be able to provide adequate protection for individual wearers. RPE cannot protect the wearer if it leaks. A major cause of leaks is poor fit – tight-fitting facepieces need to fit the wearer’s face to be effective.

As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one type or size of RPE facepiece will fit everyone. Fit testing will ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer.

Duration: Varied

  • RPE Explained
  • Types of RPE
  • Legislation and Guidance, HSE282/28, INDG 479, HSG 53
  • Selecting and using RPE
  • Face Fitting RPE
  • Fit Test Protocols
  • Practical Face Fitting and Qualitative Fit Testing
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

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