Mental Capacity Act

The aim of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), which was fully enacted on 1st April 2009, is to provide guidance to providers of health and social care, including providers of dental care and treatment, on how best to ensure that the best possible decisions are made about the care or treatment of patients who do not have the capacity to make some decisions for themselves.

The Act starts from the premise that such patients will continue to make decisions about their own lives whenever possible, or be included in such decisions as much as possible at all other times. If, however, decisions have to be made on their behalf, they are always made in their best interests. Dentists and their teams are usually well-versed in this approach but are often unfamiliar with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

Duration – 3 Hours

CPD Hours – 3 Hours Verifiable

  • Setting and Background of the MCA

  • Policy and Procedure

  • Appropriate Responses

  • Patient Psychology

  • Mental Capacity Assessments

  • Record Keeping

  • Maintaining Informed Consent

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