Mental Health First Aid: Recognising & Managing Anxiety In Dental Practices Foundation Course (3 hours)

This course has been developed and written by Dr Hannah Wade, Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist, DClinPsy, MSc, BSc. Hons, currently practicing within the NHS. It is specifically aimed at professionals working in dental surgeries across the UK.  


  • To develop foundation level skills in assessing and managing anxiety amongst dental patients.
  • To recognise when and how to signpost patients onwards for mental health support.
  • Not to become specialist mental health professionals, but to safely stay within the “scope of practice” (General Dental Council-GDC, 2013, pp1-11).


  • To review the evidence base and professional guidelines regarding assessing and managing anxiety amongst dental patients.
  • To learn how to assess symptoms of anxiety via a group task, the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Cross Sectional Maintenance Model of Anxiety, Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS) and communication skills training (CALM Mnemonic).
  • To learn how to treat anxiety via breathing and distraction exercises and providing emotional containment and support.
  • To recognise when and how to refer on to available services.
  • To maintain a focus upon self-care.
  • To access some helpful references.

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