Fire Safety Legislation Course

Non-domestic structures throughout England and Wales are required to adhere to the Fire Safety Order of 2005 in order to thwart situations that could lead to potentially dangerous scenarios. Not only is this critical from a health and safety point of view, but businesses which choose to circumvent these stipulations could risk the very future of their ongoing operations. First Medical Training has therefore created a comprehensive training course intended to address the legislative components of these associated regulations.

Replacing Outdated Guidelines

The Fire Safety Order of 2005 particularly stresses topics such as on-site risk assessments, the installation of fire detection systems and professional workplace accountability. These are all intended to negate the need for traditional fire certificates. Anyone who is deemed to be a "responsible person" is therefore obliged to conduct a thorough fire risk assessment in order to determine if the premises in question adheres to modern guidelines.

The Benefits of an Accurate Fire Risk Assessment

An in-depth risk assessment will serve to highlight any issues which are deemed to represent priorities as well as to ensure that legal compliance is never called into question. Not only can these quantified risks be identified within a timely fashion, but the appropriate changes can be made. This sense of proactive engagement is critical in order to avoid more serious consequences.

First Medical Training offers help and guidance when conducting a fire risk assessment while providing you with the insight required in order to mitigate any risks that may be present. If you wish to keep abreast of the latest legislative requirements, please contact one of our representatives to reserve the next available opening. Adopting a proactive stance is the best way to avert potential deadly consequences.

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