Schizophrenia Course

It is estimated that approximately one per cent of the global population will be diagnosed with schizophrenia at least once in their lifetime. One of the main issues is that the signs and symptoms of this condition can be difficult to spot. Not only does this arise from a lack of subjective clarity, but friends and coworkers may mistake this condition for other types of mental illness. However, early detection and diagnosis are critical in terms of receiving the most effective treatment options. The team at First Medical Training has therefore taken the time to create a course intended to highlight some of the main issues associated with schizophrenia.

What is Offered Within the Course?

It is first important to appreciate the mechanics in regards to schizophrenia; particularly in relation to other types of mental problems. Once attendees have been provided with a brief clinical overview, the proctor will highlight some of the primary symptoms of this illness so that any possible early warning signs can be spotted. This section is then augmented by examining some of the causes of schizophrenia (such as environmental, genetic, chemical, and emotional).

The second section of this two-hour course will then take a look at some of the modern treatment options available as well as what each one entails. This is immediately followed by examining a handful of risks surrounding schizophrenia. The ultimate goal of this intensive seminar is to provide attendees with the clarity and hands-on knowledge required to take the appropriate actions if they suspect a friend or colleague may be suffering from the effects of schizophrenia.

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