The Heartsine Samaritan PAD 500P

First responders and similar healthcare professionals will often encounter situations when life or death can be determined by mere minutes or even seconds. This is particularly the case when performing CPR, as there is little room for error. The Heartsine Samaritan Pad provides a unique functional edge when it is needed the most. Not only is this unit a defibrillator, but it is able to provide the user with detailed instructions so that compressions are performed correctly. Such a feature offers a sense of real-time insight that could hardly be achieved with standard techniques alone. Let us briefly look at some of the innovative features that have been incorporated into this device.

An Informed and User-Friendly Edge

The Heartsine Samaritan 500P Pad provides accurate CPR instructions to the user based off of the state of the patient as well as the techniques being employed. He or she will be informed if the pace of the compressions should be slowed down, increased or if it is necessary to push harder. This life-saving information is made possible through the use of what is known as an ICG (Impedance Cardiography) analysis. Software enables the unit to monitor such vital metrics as electrical changes in the impedance of the chest; providing audible instructions as well as digital readouts. Thus, it is much easier for blood and life-giving oxygen to reach the patient.

Unsurpassed Quality and Reliability

This is only one of the many emergency supplies provided by First Medical Training. Please have a closer look and utilise our rapid online check-out form in order to secure yours today. When seconds count, The Heartsine Samaritan 500P can make all of the difference in the world.

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